Luminique factory is a Taiwanese owned plant established since 2000 in China. Our company offers services from R&D, production, OEM services, for the latest luminal technology products. Luminique’s know-how techniques are the combination of the best technology from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Hyurong Thailand Co., Ltd. is the sales office of "Luminique" lightbox in Thailand. Luminique brand name is a subsidiary brand of Luminray in Thailand.”

Luminique is able to provide services for all types of customer’s lightbox needs. Such services includes, Diamond auto acrylic cutting machine, Fully automatic large size LGP dot printer, Fully automatic UV ink dryer, precision Light measuring equipment, Laser acrylic carving machine, fully automatic acrylic trimming machines, working enviroment testing machine, etc.

Luminique strives for quality perfection and prompt customer service. From the R&D and production related to LGP dot design we can create ultra bright LGP. We are also able to modify and carve LGP into different customized shapes. With these products we aim for a clean environment, greener earth, energy saving future. We are confident that with our specialized field in LGP we can produce the brightest light boxes in the world.

In order to ensure our customer satisfaction we are very strict on our Quality Control department to ensure that every set of Light boxes are free of damage or malfunction.