What is "LGP"?

LGP is also called edgelit or formerly called Backlit board. In order for a non-ELP backlight to produce even lighting (which is critical for LCDs, in this case our slim lightboxes & ArtGlasses), the light is first passed through a specially-designed layer of plastic (Acrylic) that diffuses the light through a series of evenly-spaced bumps (printed dots). The density of bumps increases according to a diffusion equation. The diffused light then travels to either side of the diffuser; one side contains the actual LCD panel, the other a simple reflector (refraction sticker) to guide otherwise wasted light back towards the LCD panel.

Professional Dot design

Our company has a professional team for designing LGP dot to suit all customer’s light box sizes. We design high quality ultra bright evenly spread LGP dots uniquely for each of our light box products.

Extreme precision small dot design for ultra brightness. For use with high standard LCD monitors.
Nine dot design, for use with normal light box. Normal brightness.

LGP grade PMMA - Grade AA Acrylic

Our company policy is to use the highest grade acrylic possible for our LGP Light box. Therefore, we will use only Grade AA Acrylic and Virgin MMA grade import from Taiwan and Japan.

Light box use LGP acrylic can be customized for trimming to any custom made size. Currently our largest Dot printed single acrylic sheet is 1520X3020 mm with thickness 4~15 mm selectable.


Production Facilities


We aim for best quality using specialized Genuine UV ink for LGP dot printing. We have more than 10 different ink formulas for printing different sizes and brightness to suit customer’s request.

LGP use UV printing ink from Taiwan.

For the use of high brightness LGP UV dots.


Fully automatic large size LGP dot printer


Diamond auto acrylic edge polishing machine


Laser acrylic carving machine


Fully automatic UV ink dryer


Working enviroment testing machine (humidity / temperature)


Equipment for printing